The wheelchair accessible vehicle industry

Assistive technology has become a key idea in the rehabilitation of disabled persons. The term describes all forms of assistance and adaptive techniques to assist people with disabilities. Through the assistive program, such individuals are encouraged to undertake tasks and activities that were formerly out of their reach. They are motivated to be independent and are provided with the tools to accomplish tasks of daily living that were impossible for them before.

This type of assistive technology includes any item, equipment or device that is manufactured especially for people with disabilities so that their daily functionality can be enhanced. The most common form of disability among people is mobility impairment. Many individuals find themselves unable to walk any longer because of some injury or illness during their life while some people are born with disabilities and suffer from mobility impairment.

The most common solution to such an obstacle is the use of a wheelchair. A manually or electrically operated wheelchair acts as a substitute for the mobility enjoyed by most people. Wheelchairs come with a seating arrangement that allow an individual to perform tasks that require movement. While there are wheelchairs that function automatically through the use of an electrical remote, there are manual wheelchairs with handles at the back which can be propelled by a caregiver.

Wheelchair accessible minivan

While the act of walking can be substituted by making use of a wheelchair, there are many other activities of daily life that require a disabled person to either ride in a car or drive a car themselves. Increasing awareness about disability rights and inclusion of the disabled has led to a boom in the wheelchair accessible minivan industry. Auto dealerships are going out of their way to manufacture vehicles that are modified to the needs of a disabled person.

What are your options?

There are special organizations that advocate disability rights and this has led to a spurt of efforts to regularize life for the disabled. As no car manufacturing company specifically build vehicles for the disabled, a number of major car dealerships around the country have started specializing in wheelchair accessible vehicles.

The right fit

It does not matter if you have purchased a brand new or a used wheelchair accessible minivan as long as it serves your particular needs and gives you the best value for your money.

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