Informational Interviews: How to Get Them

Informational interviews have a number of things going against them. They sound boring, ineffective and hard to get.

an informational interview can make or break your job search if used
correctly. They work because they allow you to make a personal
connection with a real human being who is typically in a much better
position to endorse you and recommend you internally in his/her company.

Here is an
informational interview request example (to be sent to someone you don’t
currently know) that puts all of these tips to work:

Subject: John – Career Question


Dear Mr. John Smith,

name is Jane Doe, and I currently work in marketing in Atlanta, GA. I
am pursuing a long-term career in marketing and specifically career
opportunities at COMPANY NAME.

I am interested in speaking with
you about your career, COMPANY NAME’s culture and your marketing team’s
various programs and activities. Would you be willing to set up a short
30-minute informational interview with me in the coming week or two so I
can learn more about your career in marketing and your company?

I truly appreciate your time and your consideration.

I look forward to hearing from you soon! Sincerely,

Jane Doe Email Address – Cell: Phone Number

actually used these tips and this example in my own job search and
experienced a very high and positive response rate that eventually led
to a real job interview and my current career. Therefore, I recommend
you leverage these in your own efforts to help you reach the hiring
managers behind the job postings and achieve job search success.

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